Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Calling All Non-Traditional Students

I know it's a little ironic that my previous post was my decision regarding blogging, and yet I haven't updated in...4 months. Yeah, sorry about that! And, I really don't have a reason for that except for the boring, I got a little busy-didn't have much to share-didn't want to bore anyone-excuse.

Anyways, moving on -- I have some pretty exciting news!! And if you don't think it's really exciting, please just humor me, because I'm pretty excited about it!! =) =) =)

I will be starting a series on my blog entitled - Non-Trad Thursdays. When I didn't attend medical school right after college, I thought the worst had happened. It wasn't until I actually started medical school, did I realize how many non-traditional students there were, and actually made me regret not doing more with my time off. Most of that attributed to simply being unaware of the plethora of opportunities. I love hearing about how others utilized their time off, and I'm sure it will help a lot of other premed students who are in our boat!

I'm hoping to start off the series next month, depending on how many volunteers I get. Every Thursday, we will learn of a different individual's journey into medical school, non-traditionally. I've recruited a few medical students already, but I'm always looking for more!!! I realize there many definitions of non-traditional students, but I'm just defining it as any student who did not enter medical school directly after completing undergrad.

If you were once a non-traditional applicant, and are interested in sharing your story with us -- please send me an email at piklblog@gmail.com. Thank you!!! =)


  1. My husband was a non traditional medical student too! There are probably more of them than you realize. Thanks for linking up with Medical Mondays and for jumping back into blogging:-)

  2. While not a medical student, I was a non-traditional student in the fact I took a 9 year hiatus during college.When I returned, I was terribly shy amongst my group of classmates. Some were more than a decade younger than me, and so SMART! I was always to scared to contribute anything in class. One day, one of my professors asked that I visit him in office hours. There, he (nicely) slapped some sense into me. He made me realize I had something those kids did not... real life experiences. And those, he assured me, were worth more then anything one could read in a book. I will never forget him or that office visit.
    Thank you so much for linking up with us for MM!!!