Sunday, August 26, 2012

One Week Down

Well I definitely survived my first week of medical school, but it's been a challenge. In one short week, SO many things have changed:
  • I like to keep my inbox as cleaned as possible with only emails needing immediate attention show up. I have folders for everything! I even a folder for "need replies", which seems pretty obvious what it's used for. In less than one week, my entire inbox is flooded with emails and I have no idea who I need to respond to. I sometimes refuse to open my inbox just so I don't get frightened at how much correspondence I need to get done.
  • Google Reader – even longer list of titles I need to read.
  • I'm the odd girl who isn't a big fan of chocolate – but all of a sudden, chocolate is my new "must-have".
  • I don't really drink tea/coffee too much. But all of a sudden, I need all this caffeine to keep myself awake!
I know as the time progresses, I'll learn how to manage "life" around school. But it's an instant shock for me at the moment. I'm really enjoying my classes and it's extremely refreshing to be learning about things you're actually interested in. Labs start this upcoming week – here's when the real fun begins!

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