Thursday, August 30, 2012

Brachial Plexus Craziness

SO many muscles in the upper limb, who knew!?

Last week in anatomy, we completed the back – discussed muscles, innervations, blood supply, and all that jaaz. I spent the majority of last weekend feeling so overwhelmed with the amount of information on the back alone, only to enter this week in upper limb! There's so much happening everywhere, even in the hand!! Although I must say, I think I've got a pretty good handle on the back so I'm comfortable moving onto a different section. Last week in biochemistry, we learned about acid/base disorders and its clinical relevance. It was all so interesting – I LOVED practicing problems! This week however, SO much more information! I've gotten a little behind in my lectures and practice problems, but I've made a schedule for this weekend – so hopefully by Sunday evening, I will be all caught up and a little more relaxed.

Even though it's a LOT of material, and extremely difficult, I'm enjoying the studying. Of my 4 classes, biochem and anatomy definitely take up the most time understanding and remembering. I've realized that I don't study well in my room. I don't know if it's the fact that I went to college out of state, but I've come to associate "home" as a place to "relax." Even at my REAL home, if I need to seriously get some work done, I have to go to Starbucks or the library. And I've realized the same thing here as well. I'm not too sure what it is – but I need to keep pushing myself outside my room to actually get some studying done. Although it's really irritating having to carry all my books that I need, and when I come back to my room for lunch/dinner I get lazy to go out again, and then I'm not as productive. Ugh! It's a horrible cycle.

Oh well, I'll definitely be out of my room this weekend; I have to be! I have so much to do! Hope yall have a great weekend =)!

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