Saturday, September 22, 2012

Calmer Weekend

Since the beginning of school, we've all been counting down to this Monday that just passed. As you may recall, students in their first semester get a mini-test a few weeks before midterms. This examination is a small percentage of our final grade, but it's put in place to test your ability to grasp the information and make adjustments necessary so midterms goes more favorably. 

We received our scores the following day, and while I wasn't too pleased with my scores, I now know what adjustments I need to make in my studying habits. This mini-test did provide a chance to review all the material covered in classes so far - so it was a great review. Midterms are around the corner and I'm starting to review material starting today. I've noticed med school is a constant repetition, and I'm just not reviewing enough. I have a big picture down, and I think that's really important, but there are lots of little details (I shouldn't really say "little details", because they're actually quite important) that I forget time and time again. 

In other news, Monday was a nice night off. I finally folded my laundry - what's the best part of folding laundry 10 days after they've been washed....? There's NOT much to fold!! haha

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