Friday, September 14, 2012

Living Standards

Conversation I had with my roommate last week:
Me: <In the kitchen warming food>
Roommate: <Walks in.> Oh wow you're dressed up
Me: Yeah I know, I decided to wear jeans today. 
R: Ooooh, what's the occasion?
Me: I ran out of track pants.

Thus, Saturday night was the 'hot, audacious - laundry night' that normal 20 year-olds dreams about. (In actuality though, I really do enjoy doing laundry; I like the smell of clean clothes.) A few hours before I plan on sleeping is when I usually put in my clothes. So when the time was just right, I put my clothes in and went back to studying and doing my thing. A couple hours passed and I was getting ready to go to bed when I realized I never put my clothes in the dryer. ARGH! By the time I got my clothes out, I was ready to hit the sack. I removed my pillow cover and placed it next to my pillow in hopes of wrapping it before falling asleep.

Aaaaaaand, that never happened.

I was too tired to fold my clothes, so I kept my clean clothes in the laundry basket in hopes of folding them Sunday morning.

Aaaaaaand, that never happened. 

This week has been relatively taxing, so my bed turned into a daily-clothes, dirty hamper with books/notes spread across it. Not to forget, my pillow cover was still there laying next to my naked pillow.

It wasn't until YESTERDAY, four days since my laundry night, that I couldn't take it anymore and I cleaned up. I wrapped my pillow with the pillow case, I organized my notes and placed them in their respective binders, I placed my books on my bookshelf, and I found a spot for my daily clothes in my closet. I still haven't folded my clean clothes - I mean, that's just crazy talk. :P

Now that I think about it, four days isn't really THAT long...but it's super long for me. Going more than a day without having these things organized is like a nightmare.

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