Sunday, September 2, 2012


I love how now that I have all the time in the world (sense the sarcasm), I wish to cook exuberant, gourmet dishes. It's great what changes school brings in me:
  • Randomly want to spend hours cooking
  • Magically become a huge fan of chocolate
  • Drink black tea (more like water, black tea, and LOTS of sugar) almost every day 
  • Sleep between 10:30/11:00pm and wake up at 6am (I'm generally an early riser, but not an early sleeper)
  • I'm pretty sure my classmates don't realize I have long hair because it's always wrapped in a taut formed bun
  • My inbox is a MESS, and I don't have a sudden urge to organize it
Yup school, it's really a lovely thing.  Speaking of which, I'm quite certain my classmates think I don't own clothes because I'm always in track pants + college shirts. Whatever, I'm comfortable. As much I want to, I can't seem to wear sun dresses; Generally though, I don't think I'm a very "dress" person. Like at the airport, there are ladies that wear dresses on the plane. Not a super fancy dress, just a simple, pretty dress. Their whole attire is great, but no matter how hard I try -  I just can't do that. Although, I think a part of me just really enjoys my track pants, you know - from all the running I do. 

Anyways, getting to the title of this post--> Once in college, our amazing chef made Vegetarian Pierogis. It was my first time having them - and it was delicious!!! But after that day, could not remember the name of the dish. But last night, out of nowhere, I was laying in bed and this word popped into my head. It was a mixture of Pierogi and Progeria so I Googled around and finally found the name of the dish! I was so happy. Except now I'm craving it. 

And that's no fun. (Sad face)

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