Sunday, September 9, 2012

5 Loaves of Bread

This semester, I'm living in a 3-person suite, which is 3 private rooms with a common kitchen & bathroom. It's nice to have the privacy, so I can do things without any questionable looks - because as we all know, I do a lot of that. But honestly, it's nice to have space that is truly your own and not shared. However, I do miss living in a double, which is 2 people living in a studio. I miss turning around and having someone there. Even though we're THREE girls, which is one whole human more than before, since it's semi-private and all, it gets lonely. 

Also with these girls, the dynamic is just different. Don't get me wrong, they're great roommates, but that's exactly what they are. Roommates. When I left for my first semester of college, I was advised to have a talk with my roommate, deciding things like - cleaning schedule, showering, lights-out time, parties. Our own Roommate Agreement Contract, if you will. Interestingly, I've never had those "talks". With all of my prior roommates, we've all sort of had a mutual understanding of each other's space and needs. Even with food - if there was something that I particularly purchased, and my roommate wanted it - she would just replace it and vice-versa. 

Since I'm growing up and all, this year is the first time I've had a kitchen in my room, per say, so having food around is a bigger deal. But even last semester, my roommate and I would share common items - milk, bread, cheese, condiments, juice, etc. And we didn't really talk about it, but there was a mutual understanding that if she bought the items one week, I'd replace it and vice-versa. However this semester, everyone has their own things. And it's just WEIRD. Right now, we have FIVE loaves of bread in the fridge. Granted 2 of them are half-way through, but seriously...FIVE loaves of bread?! People, we are only THREE girls. I'm not even complaining at this point; it's just amusing. 

I know it's probably better this way. Less politics. Since no one has thought of the brilliant idea of sharing, so there's actually room in our fridge for other things, I tried to say something about it indirectly, but it wasn't really favored. Oh well. We'll just be the cool girls with a grocery store in our kitchen. We're cool, yo =).

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