Thursday, September 6, 2012


I had a horrible day yesterday. I don't even want to think about it because all those negative vibes and thoughts will come rushing back - and there really isn't time for such doings right now.

I hate rumors. I absolutely HATE them. The course director for one of my classes changed this year and the word on the street is that Course Director B's exams are going to be so much harder than Course Director A. While this is motivating for some people, it actually works in the negative effect for me. I have a tendency to dwell for so long on my problems, that I'm on my way on a tortuous downward spiral and eventually depressed about a completely different problem. In this situation, I have two options:
  • I can sulk about the horrible position I am in
  • I can suck it up, work hard, and hope for the best
The answer is really obvious, staring at me right in the face. If you don't already know, I HATE rumors. But realistically, it's not like I am going to do anything different. Did I think a medical school exam was going to be easy in the first place and I'll automatically get an A? NO. If I really know my material, am I going to fail? NO. Do I even know if these rumors are true, I mean have those individuals even seen the test? NO. It's uncertain how difficult this exam is going to be and definitely uncertain how I will perform, but worrying won't solve anything.

I'm almost about ready to call it a night so I'll let myself sulk today, but starting tomorrow - the sun will rise, the birds will chirp, and I will be a changed person.

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